My Vision

Anyone should be able to choose the path for his or her own

This is what it means to live in a free country. Our leaders must respect our natural rights, which are secured by the Constitution and our laws, and defended by our troops on the battlefield and by brave Americans at marches and rallies.

America and Florida are special. Unlike in other places in the world, anyone can be an American and a Floridian, regardless of who they are or where they came from. At times, our leaders have forgotten that and have tried to deny us our rights based on arbitrary notions of who is a proper American and who is a proper Floridian. The words at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance, “justice and liberty for all,” should be the guiding principle in our government. I will fight for the right of all the people of our district in Tallahassee.

I believe in the system we have here in America and in Florida, this creative, dynamic, entrepreneurial economic system that has produced the greatest wealth and innovation in all of history. Because I believe so strongly in the power of the American free-market economy, I want everyone to be able to participate and thrive in it. Everyone should be able to find success through hard work and entrepreneurship, but the reality is that the deck is stacked against too many people through no fault of their own. In Tallahassee, I will make sure that capitalism works for everybody in our district.

While Florida has prospered, single party rule for the past twenty years has meant that too many problems are ignored. We need a diversity of voices in Tallahassee to make sure that we solve all the problems facing us, like climate change, water quality, government abuse of power, and lack of economic opportunities. Please join me in making sure our state listens to the people.

Naples, Florida, USA Skylinee