Climate Change

Climate change is a very real threat to our district, our state, and our country. The science is solid, and we can see the effects right in front of us. People from all sides of politics are growing more and more convinced every day that we need to do something.

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Sea levels may rise as much as four feet by the end of the century. District 77’s elevation is five feet. Parts of our district are already vulnerable to flooding, and this problem will only get worse without immediate action.

District 77 is resilient, bouncing back from Hurricanes Irma and Charley. Climate change will mean we get stronger hurricanes more often.

We can either impose top-down solutions to defeat climate change, or we can use the power of the free market. The best tool we have against climate change is carbon pricing. We can make polluters pay for releasing carbon dioxide and other polluting gases into the atmosphere. This plan will reduce carbon emissions and help turn back the tide against climate change.

Carbon pricing has the support of scientists and economists. Our local Republican Congressman, Francis Rooney, has come out in favor of carbon pricing as well, making this a true bipartisan solution to climate change. My top priority as your representative will be to make polluters pay a price on carbon. Let’s do our part to protect our district and preserve our way of life.

Another top priority is to increase our reliance on nuclear power and renewable energy. Modern nuclear technology is safe, clean, and effective. We don’t need a technological breakthrough for nuclear power – we can start expanding our nuclear capacity today. Renewable energy is the way of the future. If we are to call Florida the sunshine state, we need to invest in solar energy and make sure Florida is the nation’s leader in solar energy.

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